Smart Cities

Timelapse Photography of Vehicle on Concrete Road Near in High Rise Building during Nighttime

The world’s growing population is increasingly moving to urban areas. This trend is particularly relevant to APAC, where more than half of the planet’s mega-cities are situated. With more and more people living in the same area of land, new solutions are needed to keep things running smoothly. Enter the smart cities concept. There’s plenty of APAC smart city activity, as witnessed by the region accounting for...

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eye looking at computer screen

The DigitalCentre2020 concept incorporates many aspects. From data and smart technology, to infrastructure and driverless cars. While resources such as blogs and white papers tell a story, sometimes video is the best medium for communicating this vision. With that in mind, here are a series of vlogs. They feature Ricky Cooper, VP at Digital Realty, one of the world's leading data centre providers and a Steering Committee founding...

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City image with a world map as the background

The smart city concept is no longer the stuff of sci-fi. Technologists are connecting the virtual world to the physical, delivering real-time services that adapt to real-time situations. So what, you may be thinking. This is old news in the IT industry. What’s new is how this will impact on society’s understanding, and its usage, of data. Because until relatively recently, if you asked a member...

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