September 2017

jigsaw with 1 missing piece

It’s official: Private data exchange via interconnection will exceed public internet traffic by 2020. That’s according to a new report from the world’s largest IBX data centre and colocation provider. Equinix’s latest Global Interconnection Index finds the capacity for business-to-business bandwidth is growing nearly double the rate of the public internet, and 6 times the volume of IP traffic worldwide. What is interconnection and why is it...

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brain connected to a computer

Today few conversations in tech and digital transformation are complete without a reference to Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, AI is a topic that’s been around since 1950. That’s when Alan Turing (cracker of the Enigma code in WW2), published his seminal research paper ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’. This posed the question ‘Can machines think?’, and introduced the Turing Test, which tested a machine’s ability to be indistinguishable...

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