January 2016

eye looking at computer screen

The DigitalCentre2020 concept incorporates many aspects. From data and smart technology, to infrastructure and driverless cars. While resources such as blogs and white papers tell a story, sometimes video is the best medium for communicating this vision. With that in mind, here are a series of vlogs. They feature Ricky Cooper, VP at Digital Realty, one of the world's leading data centre providers and a Steering Committee founding...

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connected consumer goods

Many people by now have some level of awareness of The Internet of Things (IoT), if not first-hand experience. Most newspapers have featured stories about connected products. Washing machines that send notifications when a part needs renewing. A kettle that boils based on your estimated waking time. Lights that switch on when you arrive. So what’s the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) all about? Simply, it’s IoT...

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