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The rise of driverless across APAC

Interest in driverless cars is high among Asia-Pacific consumers. Over 50% would consider buying or hiring an autonomous vehicle, according
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The rise of driverless across APAC

The rise of smart cities in APAC

The world’s growing population is increasingly moving to urban areas. This trend is particularly relevant to APAC, where more than
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The rise of smart cities in APAC

4 Things That Will Change Data Centre Connectivity by 2020

Guest blog author: GianLuca Carola, Director, Cloud and Application Markets, Epsilon Telecommunications Bio: Mark Gianluca leads the strategic development for Cloud, Content
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4 Things That Will Change Data Centre Connectivity by 2020

7 reasons for Asia Pacific’s fintech rise

APAC’s financial services industry continues its dramatic technology-fuelled pace of change. Almost $15bn of fintech investment poured into the region. Read more…

How will the data centre evolve by 2020 and beyond?

What will the data centre landscape look like in the year 2020? Data volumes are rising exponentially. AI technologies are fuelling disruption and transformation.  Read more…

Forrester Report: The Two Fundamental IoT Business Opportunities

The growth of Internet-of-Things (IoT) ideas and technology has parked a wide variety of options and confusion. Read more…

Dawn of the
DX Economy

We’re now over halfway through a year heralded by IDC as the ‘Dawn of the DX Economy’. Read more…

Video: Discover
DigitalCentre 2020

Infographic:  The Digital Centre at the Heart of Everything

Forrester Report: Cloud Predictions 2017

Cloud computing has been one of the most exciting and disruptive forces in the tech market in the past decade. Read more…

7 steps to developing a cloud security plan

A proven process and checklist for enterprise security, compliance, and IT professionals Read more…

Inspecting the Industrial Internet of Things

Many people by now have some level of awareness of The Internet of Things (IoT), if not first-hand experience. Read more…

AlphaGo wins in China: ‘The future belongs to AI’

It’s official – the future belongs to Artificial Intelligence (AI). That’s according to the world’s best player. Read more…